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Park Hotel is located in Toome Hill park, which is the historical centre of Tartu. The Hotel was built in 1940 by the project of a famous town architect Arnold Matteus. It was built as the Young Men's Christian Association camp house and the building has not been reconstructed since.

With it’s historic scent and nostalgic looks the hotel is a perfect spot for visitors who value their peace and privacy. Along with the aforementioned, Park Hotel also has friendly personnel and quality service. The dignity and value of the hotel is assured by the fact that the former president of Finland, Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, visited it in 1964. Today the hotel has a room called after president Kekkonen which is the same room he stayed in. Furthermore there are 19 other rooms that vary in size, where it is possible to accommodate 32 visitors.

Dear guest! If you value peace, privacy, quality service, location near the historical sights of Tartu, then Park Hotel is the best choice for You.